Specialist Services

Ultrasonic Cleaning

As well as being equipped with an extensive range of specialist service tools we also use an ultrasonic cleaning bath to give your components the ultimate clean. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves to form micoscopic bubbles in the cleaning fluid that scrub the dirt from the components. Ultasonic cleaning is very good at getting to areas that are difficult or even impossible using normal cleaning methods.

Our 30L tank will hold any component up to the size of a full chainset, so we can clean cassettes, chains, brake callipers, derailleurs, shifters and many other components.


Many riders get great pleasure, not just from riding, but from looking after their bikes as well, if this is you and the idea of getting your mucky parts cleaned professionally in our ultrasonic cleaner then no problem as we are happy to offer this as a service.  Bring your dirty parts to us and for just £10.00 per basket load will give them the ultimate clean.  A basket load will clean a chain, cassette and chainset.

Suspension Fork and Shock Servicing


     Lower leg service and seal replacement

     Air spring & Damper serving and replacement

     Remote upgrades



     Air Can service

     Bushing replacement

     Pivot bearing replacement

Dropper Seat Posts

As with Hydraulic brakes dropper seatposts and remotes need servicing and bleeding.  We have the kit to bleed your Rockshox droppers and can supply and fit service kits.

Hydraulic Brake Bleeding and Servicing

Whatever system is fitted to your bike whether that be Hope, Hayes, Shimano, Avid, Tektro, Clarks, Giant, Formula, or something else, we have the tools, adaptors and kit to bleed your brakes.  Most manufacturers recommend that your system fluid is changed every 1 to 2 years and at DIB we agree that this should be part of your ongoing planned maintenance.  In the meantime, should you be experiencing a soft or spongy feeling lever, then a bleed will most likely fix the problem.


Bleed including fluid 1 brake £15.00, £25.00 for both


Calliper & Lever Servicing

Hydraulic brake callipers and levers are generally very reliable however, should you get a problem we can supply and fit service kits and parts for all major brands.


Typical pricing – Calliper or lever service, to include removal from bike, strip down Ultrasonic clean, inspect, fitting service kit, seals, pistons etc and bleed – £40.00 + parts


Frame Preparation

Bottom Bracket chasing & facing

This process cleans and restores the bottom bracket shell threads.  Essential if the threads are corroded or heavily contaminated to ensure a good fit of your bottom bracket.  If your frame has been re sprayed or powder coated, or you are building a new bike with a new frame, this is an essential part of the frame preparation process to remove excess paint or any imperfections on the threads left from manufacturing.


Facing the shell is also required when external bottom bracket bearings are used to ensure that the shell faces are perfectly parallel thus allowing the bearings to align correctly.  Misalignment will result in poor life expectancy of the bearings.


Clean and chase threads £10.00 Clean and chase + Face shell £15.00


Head tube reaming & facing


Seat tube reaming


Disc brake mount facing

We have recently purchased Park Tools' new DT5.2 disc brake mount facing set.  This allows us to accurately face any Post or IS brake mount on the frame or fork to ensure the rotor and calliper are perfectly aligned to givie you optimum braking efficency.  The kit includes all the adaptors required to face any configuration of open or thru-axle dropout and width, including the new Shimano Flat Mount and the new Boost 110 and Boost 148 standards.


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